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Are you tired of going through every updated application on the Play Store to see what the developer has changed? Changelog Droid solves this problem by fetching all the information directly from the Play Store after or before you update them.
Stay up to date!
Changelog Droid will check the Play Store in the background and notify you when updates are available.
The better wishlist!
Add apps that you haven't installed by simply sharing them from the Play Store to Changelog Droid and keep track of updates without wasting storage space.
All kinds of useful!
Use Changelog Droid to launch or uninstall apps, open the system's info page or go directly to the Play Store to update your apps.
Build a history!
Changelog Droid will build a complete version history so you can keep track of every change made to your apps.

Key Features:
- All the recent changes directly from the Play Store
- Update notification and manual update check
- Version history containing all changelogs
- Observe apps that you don't have installed
- Blacklist apps that you don't want to update
- Quick Search for all of your apps
- DashClock extension
Check out the Premium Version without ads and with cool Themes!
Because there is no official API for the Play Store Changelog Droid may not find some of the available updates. Please try the "Intense Check" option to increase the results.
If error should occur, please contact me instead of giving a negative rating.
If you would like to help translating Changelog Droid to your language, please visit
The free version contains ads.
- Internet: Access the Play Store
- Access Network State: Check connection status.
- Get Accounts, Use Credentials, Manage Accounts: Get authentication token for the Google account, required for accessing the Play Store
- Receive Boot Completed: Registering background service for update checking.
- Wake Lock: Assure that internet is connected when checking for updates in background.
- Google Services: Obtain Android ID automatically
- Vibrate: Vibrate for notifications
- External Storage: Import/Export
- Licensing: Copy protection