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We present the greatest camera effect app available in Google Play!
This is a real-time camera effects application that let you take HQ pictures and record video!
All effects can be also applied to existing photos and videos from your gallery!
We are proud to present new killer feature:
Now you can shoot video with all existing camera effects. Enjoy!
Now you can apply all camera effects to your existing videos. Enjoy!
Just switch to the video capture mode and go to "open from gallery" button.
Current version contains 16 real-time effects:
- Cartoon effect
- Neon effect
- Sketch effect
- Lomo effect
- Vintage effect
- Old Film effect
- Old Paper effect
- Nostalgia effect
- Thin fake mirror
- Thick fake mirror
- Unique Brushes and Mosaic real-time effects
- Dream effect
- Thermal and Night vision effects
- Radial Blur effect
Why Pro version?
- Ad-free. No ads banners!
- New features and effects will be added to Pro version only
- Video record support
- Better customer support 

- Real-time camera effects with full screen preview
Camera preview is full screen - You actually see what you are going to shoot. No post-processing.
- 16 effects: Cartoon, Neon, Sketch, Lomo, Vintage, Old Film, Old Paper, Nostalgia, Thin, Thick, Brushes, Mosaic, Thermal Vision, Dream, Night Vision, Radial Blur.
- Facebook, Flickr, Picasa, Twitter photo upload/share
Share your new photos with friends in one tap.
- YouTube video upload/share
Share your new videos with friends in one tap.
- Ability to apply effects to gallery photos
You can apply all effects to your existing photos from gallery. 
- Front Camera support
It is now easy to make fun and interesting photos using front camera
- High FPS preview and quick photo capture
You no longer need to wait while effect is applied or guess how it will look like.
- Adjustable contrast, brightness and edge strength
High control on result photo by adjusting effect parameters.
- Flash configuration support
You can use your flash it is supported by camera hardware.
- Auto focus support
Automatic auto focus if it is supported by camera hardware.
- Any screen orientation support
Portrait opr Landscape - easy!
Taken pictures match screen orientation.
- Configurable photos size - up to 4 MEGAPIXELS!!!
- Easy share via email and other external apps
- Silent camera (if device supports)
- App can be installed to SD
- Captured photos are stored to SD card under FunCam folder

Coming soon:
- Ability to apply effects to gallery videos
You will be able to apply all effects to your existing videos from gallery.
User FAQs are available here:
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"FunCam For Android Offers 10 Great Real-Time Camera & Photo Effects -"
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This software uses code of FFmpeg licensed under the LGPLv2.1 and its source can be downloaded here:

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