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Glovebox brings to android the best way of multi tasking.
Swipe without lifting the finger to select an application to open.

- Apps/Shortcuts/Widgets on side bar.
- Reorder apps.
- Personalize side bar & icons.
- Recent apps menu.
- Long press edge menu (quickly toggle bar side or open configuration).
- Blacklist (choose what apps glovebox will pause).
- Add Folders.

XDA Developers Thread:

-How to enable Glovebox on MIUIv5?
Go to the app info and enable 'Show popup window notification' setting. Then restart the app.
-Got the old premium version (Ubuntu Phone Experience) ?
Send an email so you don't have to purchase it again.
-I bought the premium version, now is asking to purchase it again (using the same account)
Try to clear the cache and data of Play Store, then start Play Store at least once.
Android Settings>Apps>Play Store app>Clear Cache/Data.
If this didn't work contact by email.
-Why does the app need DIRECTLY CALL PHONE NUMBERS permission?
This permission is only necessary for Direct Dial shortcuts that might be added to the apps list.
-How do i open recent apps menu?
Swipe to the outside of the bar, without lifting the finger off the screen and selecting recent apps. Wait a sec to open recent apps menu. To close, swipe the finger back to the bar.
-Am i unable to install other apps while the app is running?
For security reasons android automatically blocks the installation of other apps while Glovebox is running, to prevent installations without your consent. You have to disable the app and re-enable it again after the installation.


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Icons used on main screenshot?

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