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TSF Shell is a unique graphical user interface experience for Android 
OS. This premium home screen replacement allows for endless possibilities 
as you personalize your widgets and home screens. Say goodbye to the 
boring, traditional Android interface!
For more information about TSF Shell release history and to view the demo 
of all versions please visit the following link: 
http://www.tsfui.com/shell/release_history.html You really do need to see 
this product in action to truly understand its unique capabilities!
*Multiple operations such as auto-arrangement, multi-item selection, adding 
to folder, and multi-deleting can be quickly done by only one finger 
*Folders can be utilitized in various ways. 
*TSF Shell has an APP page (drawer) in addition to 4 home screens. You can 
switch between homescreens by traditional swiping, or by utilizing the one 
click switcher in the lower corner. When mastered, this gesture-like 
homescreen switching becomes natural, and is much faster than swiping 
across screens. 
*Quickly create multiple app shortcuts and drag them to any page at once. 
You can then distribute the app icons freely on the page, and can even 
change the angles of the shortcuts. The arrangement and design is up to 
your imagination! 
*The side column provides access to most of TSF Shell's widgets, folders, 
contacts, weater, settings, and other app shortcuts of your choice. 
*Side column can be completely personalized with your own shortcuts, it can 
also be auto-hidden (viewable by swipe gesture). 
*Powerful theme function. In addition to stylistic changes, themes can even 
allow for transistion animation changes. 
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We are still constantly working to improve TSF Shell. We update our product 
and widgets regularly. Please check for updates often to insure you receive 
the best experience.
We welcome any comments or suggestions to improve our product.
Please email us at: service@tsfui.com
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